How to Play Sports in College

You or your Athlete have decided to find out if it is possible to play sports in college. I can say with all sincerity it is definitely an option for any athlete that has the desire and motivation to succeed at both athletics and academics. Figuring out the process of finding a school with opportunities is a challenge. We have advanced experience at the process of finding athletes a college home that can help to meet that challenge.

When an athlete has made the decision to play in college, there are questions to answer before the search process can begin.

  • How big is the college I want to attend?Play Sports In College | Sports Recruit Consulting
  • What do I think I might like to study?
  • How important is campus life to me?
  • How much will it cost?

Answering these questions will help to narrow the search for a place to play sports in college.

The next questions will become a matter of comparison. There are certain standards that an athlete must meet to be eligible to play sports in college.

  • Does my GPA compare favorably with school admissions data?
  • Do my test scores compare favorably with school admissions data?
  • Do my athletic skills compare favorably with roster availability?

These are questions that all athletes face if the want to participate in college athletics. Only one of these questions touch on an athlete's skills.


How many High School Athletes play in college?

About 8% of High School Athletes will realize a dream of playing college sports. The answers to the questions above lead athletes to either pursue or discontinue their competitive playing days. There are other factors that can lead an athlete to decide to become a non-athlete regular person (NARP). As a matter of fact, over 90% of high school student athletes that continue on to college become NARPs.

The counters below offer a little perspective in opportunities for potential athletes. The very first counter in the group below indicates the number students playing sports in high school. Each of the other counters show the number of athletes that play collegiate sports in the major college athletic associations. Your athlete can join these ranks if they are motivated to do so. We'll show you how.

High School Athletes
All Athletes
All Athletes
Division I Athletes
Division II Athletes
Division III Athletes

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