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Our family has always supported one another and we have been the cheering squad at every athletic event. Right now, you are probably dreaming of a college sports experience for your kid because sporting events have been one of the main focal points of your family life. Just like you, that was our dream too.

There is only one real reason why it shouldn’t happen and that is if the athlete is done. Listen to your kids and understand that they really don’t want to disappoint you. There is always a chance that college sports and your athlete might not go together.

Remember, your kid will be beginning their adult lives soon and although they need your support, they will experience less of you telling them what to do at college.  There is one important thing that we definitely know, college teams provide structure. This really helps when a student athlete is first on their own. Team support can significantly improve their odds of success.

Whatever reason you have for being on this page just know we have dealt with it and as parents, my wife & I had it two fold.

The Team

Eric Reese

The guy who figured out what it takes to find collegiate teams for twins to continue their sports into college.
Was in printing for 30 years. Owned businesses for 30 years (20 printing & 10 online marketing). Taught his son how to make videos and now his son exceeds his skill.

  • We know what to include in profiles and how to get them seen
  • Great at defining the content of videos and how to produce them
  • Good at coaching athletes that are preparing for conversations with coaches
  • Cares about the outcome of client dreams (Always have. Always will)

Paige Reese

A current NCAA Division I athlete in field hockey at Towson University. Has played a prominent roll in her first 2 full seasons with the team. Is studying Mass Communications with a minor in Marketing.
Has a cat. Just turned 21. Lives off campus. Loves music.

  • Understands how to impress coaches
  • Is very experienced in talking to coaches
  • Has learned how to budget time (didn’t know this when she first went to college)
  • Definitely knows the challenges of being a NCAA D1 athlete.

Chris Reese

Production Director - Sports Recruit Consultants
Currently waiting tables in NoVa. Played 1 season of collegiate baseball.
Studied graphic design in high school and college. Valorant player.

  • Makes videos look good!
  • Knows that dreams become more challenging as they grow
  • Loves diving and might go back to school and dive for a D1 program someday
  • Also knows that college isn’t always for everyone, especially right out of high school

Deanne Reese

The Mama and the one who always roots for the best outcome but is always happy if the children are happy.

  • Takes care of the family details
  • Makes sure everyone is fed
  • Is the behind the scenes reason we are doing what we do

Many years ago we named ourselves Team Waffle. If you get this far and see this, ask me about how Team Waffle can help with college sports and your athlete. You’ll save 10% on your videos.